Salesforce DX most useful commands

A Salesforce DX project is a local copy of your artifact, a group of related code and customizations. We use following commands very frequently

An Introduction to Salesforce Platform Events

Learn about Salesforce Platform events and how to Setup Salesforce platform events inside Salesforce.

Production Deployment Strategies

Any time you deploy changes to production it is very critical because end user might get effected if something goes wrong so every time deployment happen you should have a deployment strategies.

Working with Salesforce data using Lightning design system

This tutorial comprise Lightning Design System to display Contact of any Account using apex function in Visualforce page. Apex Class Visual force page

Apex Test Suite a handy feature

With Spring ’16 Salesforce has released a new feature which helps to run multiple test classes at once. Suppose you have 50 test classes in your org on Opportunity object and every time any developer makes any change in your apex code you want to make sure that test cases are no failing so you manually …

How to test salesforce Rest API

Salesforce provides Rest API which can be used to connect external services with Salesforce without human intervention. in this tutorial I will explain how to test Salesforce Rest API using Advance Rest API client. Create Connected app in salesforce from Setup->Create-> Apps   After successful completion of previous step you will get consumer key and …

Manage Users with Lightning Component

This tutorial comprise Lightning Design System and Lightning component to manage users from Salesforce1. Create Lightning component from Developer console by going Setup-> Developer console-> File -> New -> Lightning component and name it Manage_User Create new apex class in your code with following code.   Create Manage_UserHelper.js with following code which will communicate with apex …

Run Test Class in Salesforce from Apex

Salesforce support following way to execute a test class inside Salesforce The Salesforce user interface The IDE The Developer Console The API But apart from that we can run a test class in Salesforce from apex using ApexTestQueueItem (in beta release) which will submit your test class for test execution asynchronously.  

Use MavensMate for Apex Development

Eclipse is widely used apex development IDE from the decades but sometimes it makes our system slow and people start looking for alternative approach for development. I used eclipse couple of year but lately I find some slow down issue with my machine because eclipse consume memory. Sublime text is very light weight development tool …

Automatic Salesforce Testing with Cucumber

Cucumber is a software testing tool which can be used to test the functionality. It run automated acceptance test written in behavioral driven language. It was initially written in Ruby but now a days different language support Cucumber. Cucumber test framework require two different files .feature file Scenario file Feature file is combination of five …

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