As we already know we generally use database to hold data whether it is small excel, same rule apply here inside Salesforce system. any relational database consist table and field name. for example if we use mysql, mssql database we always create a database first and then we create a table and add field in that right?

Salesforce Object:

Salesforce Object can be mapped with Table of any database. Account is a table, Contact is a table, Opportunity is a table and so on. In Salesforce terms we call them as Object.

Salesforce Object Fields:

Any new column which we will add to any table called Salesforce Fields so for example if you want to store user first name you can create a new column into the Account object/Table with datatype text.

Where to Start for Object and Fields:

There are two ways by which we can modify data model inside the Salesforce. As you are new to salesforce we will move to the simple option with point and click feature. follow below steps to proceed further.

  1. Login to your Salesforce developer account
  2. Go to Setup Menu (I assume that you know where it is, if you don’t know read the Introduction to Salesforce)  and watch slide.
  3. Select Schema Builder from the left Menu as shown in below screenshot.schema builder
  4. Schema Builder screen will look like this Object and Fields
  5. First Click clear All to clear Canvas and then select Account and Contact Object/Tables.
  6. Fill details as shown in below screenshot. Create Fields in Salesforce
  7. 7. Fantastic! You have learned how to created a new fields in existing Table/Object in Salesforce

I hope you have learned how to create new fields in salesforce, from the element tabs you can drag and drop Object Type to create new Object/Table in Salesforce. You can check Salesforce Data modal for more details

You are done with Object. Enjoy playing with this screen by creating new object and fields in Salesforce.