Eclipse is widely used apex development IDE from the decades but sometimes it makes our system slow and people start looking for alternative approach for development. I used eclipse couple of year but lately I find some slow down issue with my machine because eclipse consume memory. Sublime text is very light weight development tool which is becoming popular among the developer community. In this tutorial we will learn to use MavensMate for Apex Development.

  1. Install Sublimetext

    First Step to setup Mavensmate is Download sublime text which you can download from here

  2. Install Package control

    Press Ctrl + Shift + P (windows), Command + shift + p.
    Use MavensMate for Apex Development

  3. Install Mavensmate

    When a list of packages become presented, type MavensMate to install the package.
    Use MavensMate for Apex Development

  4. Setup workspace for mavensmate

    Once Mavensmate installed you will see another new toolbar menu option that is called Mavensmate. Click to Mavensmate-> Settings-> User and setup your workspace path. Please Set to absolute location where you wish your MavensMate project to reside. If the location does not exist, MavensMate will attempt to create it. for example if you want to create on your desktop you can enter //Users//YOURUSERNAME//Desktop//workspaces//mavensmate

    Use MavensMate for Apex Development
    Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.56.26 PM

  5. create a new project

    Once you will click Mavensmate->Create new proeject sublimetext will show you following screen. Fill the details and create your first project.
    MavensMate development
    You can create classes, test scripts, deploy to production, ect. I, for example, find the script editor found in Apex Scripting -> Execute Apex… very useful as it is a quick and simple playground for testing my code.

Happy coding!!