Lightning Components Parent-Child Communication Patterns

In this tutorial, you will learn Lightning Components communication patterns which are attributes, method, events and can be used as per use-case

An Introduction to Salesforce Platform Events

Learn about Salesforce Platform events and how to Setup Salesforce platform events inside Salesforce.

Production Deployment Strategies

Any time you deploy changes to production it is very critical because end user might get effected if something goes wrong so every time deployment happen you should have a deployment strategies.

Manage Users with Lightning Component

This tutorial comprise Lightning Design System and Lightning component to manage users from Salesforce1. Create Lightning component from Developer console by going Setup-> Developer console-> File -> New -> Lightning component and name it Manage_User Create new apex class in your code with following code.   Create Manage_UserHelper.js with following code which will communicate with apex …

Use MavensMate for Apex Development

Eclipse is widely used apex development IDE from the decades but sometimes it makes our system slow and people start looking for alternative approach for development. I used eclipse couple of year but lately I find some slow down issue with my machine because eclipse consume memory. Sublime text is very light weight development tool …

Automatic Salesforce Testing with Cucumber

Cucumber is a software testing tool which can be used to test the functionality. It run automated acceptance test written in behavioral driven language. It was initially written in Ruby but now a days different language support Cucumber. Cucumber test framework require two different files .feature file Scenario file Feature file is combination of five …

Invoke Apex with Lightning Process Builder

Salesforce recently released Lightning Process builder for their customers. It is a UI workflow tool that helps admin to automate business processes in powerful manner. It is similar to Workflow but it also provides great flexibility with following action which is not available with Workflow It provides following action: Create a record Email Alert Call any …

Salesforce Deployment Methods

Once you are done with your development you need to migrate your code from your development organization to the organization where business user can use your code. So in this tutorial we will learn different types of organization and Salesforce Deployment Methods from one organization to another organization. 1. Organization Type Salesforce provides two types of …

How To decrease deployment time in Salesforce

Deployment task in large organization is cumbersome process because you have n number of test classes in your Production environment and Salesforce runs all those classes to maintain robustness of platform which is good in on way but at other end it is very time consuming process, one of my company’s client has more that …

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