Working with Salesforce data using Lightning design system

This tutorial comprise Lightning Design System to display Contact of any Account using apex function in Visualforce page. Apex Class Visual force page

Manage Users with Lightning Component

This tutorial comprise Lightning Design System and Lightning component to manage users from Salesforce1. Create Lightning component from Developer console by going Setup-> Developer console-> File -> New -> Lightning component and name it Manage_User Create new apex class in your code with following code.   Create Manage_UserHelper.js with following code which will communicate with apex …

Run Test Class in Salesforce from Apex

Salesforce support following way to execute a test class inside Salesforce The Salesforce user interface The IDE The Developer Console The API But apart from that we can run a test class in Salesforce from apex using ApexTestQueueItem (in beta release) which will submit your test class for test execution asynchronously.  

Automatic Salesforce Testing with Cucumber

Cucumber is a software testing tool which can be used to test the functionality. It run automated acceptance test written in behavioral driven language. It was initially written in Ruby but now a days different language support Cucumber. Cucumber test framework require two different files .feature file Scenario file Feature file is combination of five …

Update record using javascript

Following code snippet will update record on button click on any standard detail page Create a new button from Object Name -> Button and links with following code. Add button to page layout.

How To Test Exception in Apex Test Class

This Tutorial will guide you how to test exception in Apex test class

Mass change objects settings for all Profiles?

When we introduce a new object in an organization we need to give permission for different profiles this recipe will allow mass change objects settings for all Profiles? 1. Enable Enhanced profile list views from Setup->User Interface settings   2. Create New profile view as shown below screenshot. 3. Change permission as shown in below screenshot

How to Set User Password using code

Problem Statement: Your UAT Testing is going to start and you have 20 users list to setup so that they can start testing your functionality. Recipe: Salesforce provide Reset password option on user profile which send an email to user to set new password but we want to set user password using code without notifying …

How to Stop Recursive Trigger in Salesforce

This Recipe will guide you how you can Stop Recursive Trigger in Salesforce. A step by step beginner guide to Salesforce developer.

Select all fields in SOQL

Many of us are on board at plateform from other languages such as JAVA, PHP, .NET etc. Those languages are older then plateform. In those language whn we query the database we use following syntax to get all records. Salesforce is bit different in that way you can’t directly query this way so this recipe will show …

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