In previous post you have learned about Object and Fields in Salesforce, you also learned about how to work with Salesforce data model. In this post we will check how we can customize standard and custom object in Salesforce

1. Page layout

In Salesforce every record has a detail page which shows all the information about that record. We can customise this layout for standard and custom object by visiting Setup -> Customize -> Object Name -> Page layouts as shown in below screenshot


When you will click above link it will open following screen.


As you can see above page layout section is divided in different parts as described below :

1. Option Panel :

This Area contains different tabs

a) Fields : This tab shows all the fields which can be drag and drop in Section 4.

b) Buttons : This tab shows available Custom buttons which can be drag and drop in section 5.

c) Custom Links : This tab shows available custom links.

d) Action : Actions are available for Salesforce1 which can be added by this tab.

e) Expended Lookup : Expended lookup are also available in Salesforce1, you can use this tab to add new expended lookup.

f) Related list : Related list is a section on page layout which shows relationship records on details page of any record. You will find all the available relationship object inside this tab which can be added to page layout.

g) Report chart : Salesforce released a new feature where you can add charts and reports in Page layout as well so using this tab you can add those as well.

2. Fields Panel

This Section contains all the entity which can be drag and drop in page layout.

3. Create Section

You can create a entirely new section on page layout by clicking this link and after that you can drag and drop new field in that section.

4. Drop Panel

This is the area which contains all the fields of any object which are visible. Once you will hover your mouse on any field in this area you will get two option in hovering area. first option is used to remove a field and second option can be used to make a field required on layout or read only.

5. Button Section

This is the custom button section which is used to add a new custom button on page layout. we will learn how to create new button in next section.

2. Buttons and Links

Buttons and links are useful when you want to perform some custom action on click. You can customise this from Setup-> Customize -> Object Name -> Button, Links and Actions 


As shown in below screenshot you can create a new button. Salesforce provide 3 different types button for three different places. Please check example first be


 In this way you can customize standard and custom object to fit your need. you can read more about page layout by clicking here.